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  • Volunteer to assist refugees in Denver see more

    In The News 
    On Monday, the New Mexico Governor sued the Trump Administration to try and stop the policy of “quick-releasing” people without facilitating contact with their sponsors. The ask is for the government to return to a “safe release” process it had previously used. No one is sure what the overall impact of that will be on the volume of people released in the long term, but in the short term it could potentially mean less people being released.  

    Opportunities To Welcome This Week
    Sunday Wash Linens If you were not able to join us this week, but still want to help out, we are looking for a couple of volunteers to pick up laundry from Belong Church on Sunday 6/16 and return to Belong Church on Monday 6/17. Click here for more details and to sign up. 

    Monday Sorting Through The Bounty and Generosity
    Help prepare to receive the next group. We need from 10 - 20 people to come to Belong Church, Monday June 17 from 11am to 1pm. Please sign up so we are ready for you! Having everything in order makes for a much smoother experience for everyone. 

    We’ll make toiletry kits, sort clothes and transport any unneeded (wrong size, too many of an item) items to other partners in the Metro Area. Click here to sign up. 

    Monday Train to Become a Site Coordinator! 
    We are looking for Site Coordinators to take shifts managing logistics & volunteers at our Welcome Centers. This volunteer position entails:

    • orienting volunteers and responding to their questions
    • communicating with and responding to needs from other sites
    • making sure all volunteer shifts are fulfilled
    • delegating and supervising volunteers to ensure that travel arrangements and other guest needs are fulfilled

    To volunteer for this position, one must be English-Spanish bilingual, able and willing to coordinate moving pieces, and meet one of the following requirements: 

    • Have already volunteered with Denver Welcome Centers as a Bilingual Companion or in a similar capacity
    • Have volunteered with Casa de Paz
    • Have volunteered at Annunciation House or another similar border ministry

    If you are interested in being a Site Coordinator, join us for a 45-minute Training Webinar on Monday June 17th at 6:30PM. Click here to register. 

    After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. If you are not able to make it on the live Webinar, please register as we will send the link to the training to everyone who registers.  

    Immigrants are welcome here!

    Denver Welcome Centers

  • Savanna Berezniak posted an article
    Volunteers needed to judge student projects at Northglenn Highschool see more

    Hello ,  


    I am the STEM Coordinator at Northglenn High School.  An important part of our educational design at Northglenn is that all students are presented with an authentic problem to solve, then they present their solutions to a panel of experts.   We would love to partner with you and see this PBL (Problem Based Learning) as a great opportunity to do so.  Our  World History students are researching possible solutions to increase the diversity in global diplomatic organizations.    We hope to have you join us in providing your expert advice to our students after listening to their unique solutions.   


    Date: Thursday, 4/28/2022

    Session 1 (7:45-11:34 am) (21 experts needed)


    Session 2 (12:39-3:30 pm) - (16 experts needed)


    Location: Northglenn High School - STEM Wing


    Topic: We are the world.  Adding diversity to global diplomatic organizations.


    Problem:Private and governmental organizations working towards diplomatic global solutions need to increase diversity in their or

    organizations in order to have better relationships with global partners.


    Would you or any of your colleagues be available to help judge these presentations? 


    Thank you in advance for your consideration! 



    Eric Hotz

    STEM Coordinator - Northglenn High School

    601 W 100th Place

    Northglenn CO  80260


     April 07, 2022
  • Savanna Berezniak posted an article
    Support for newly resettled Afghan refugees see more

    Did you know that hundreds of families of Afghan refugees are being resettled here in Denver? After decades of serving beside American troops in Afghanistan, these families have left behind everything they have ever known to start a new life in the United States.  Although it feels strange to compare our privileged, chosen, and safe experience as Peace Corps volunteers to the unimaginable trauma that these families have endured - when I think about what they must be going through right now, I can't help but remember how lost, scared, and overwhelmed I felt when I first arrived to my country of service.  Tasks that were once simple like ordering food at a restaurant, engaging in small-talk, riding a bus, going to the doctor, or even having a close friend to have dinner with suddenly felt complex and overwhelming.  I'll also always remember my host family and the way they welcomed me into their family and made me feel seen, cared for, and less alone.  Although I was still lost and confused and struggling with the language - I always knew my family was there to support me.  They helped me learn a new language and navigate a new culture, taught me how to be safe, and were my biggest advocate and cheerleader as I navigated the complexities of creating a new life in a country I knew nothing about.  If this resonates with you, ignites your sense of compassion, or inspires you to want to get involved in helping these newly arrived Afghan refugees - please join us.  There are many ways to get involved.  First, we are in the process of forming "family support teams." This is a group of between 4 - 6 Americans who will be assigned to support one Afghan family.  This is a commitment of a few hours a week for at least 6 months, and your team will support this family in creating their new life in the US.  This could be helping with transportation needs, new home setup, language skills, navigating bureaucracy and filling out paperwork, or getting medical care.  We especially need more men in these teams - the recommendation is at least 2 men per team in order to honor gender preferences in different situations.  We especially need speakers of Farsi and Pashto to help with translation and interpretation.  No matter your demographics - if you are reading this and feel called to get involved, please join us in welcoming these families to our country, saying to them "thank you for your service," and greeting them with a type of compassion and understanding unique to Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

    If committing to a family support team is more than you can take on right now, but you'd like to get involved in other ways - here are some other ways to get involved: 

    You can email for more information on how to get involved or to get connected with a "family support team."  

     February 05, 2022