Our Board Members

Charlie Hunt is the President of the RPCVs of Colorado. Charlie served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Vanuatu from 2006 – 2008 as a business enterprise volunteer. He has been active in Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Colorado as a member of the Welcome Wagon Committee for the past six years. As a Rotarian he has served as the club president, international service chair and club foundation president for the Denver LoDo Rotary club. Within Rotary he has worked with other RPCV Rotarian to promote the signing of the partnership agreement between Peace Corps and Rotary International. Within that project he currently serves as the Outreach Chair for Partnering for Peace: Friend of Peace Corps and Rotary, an NPCA affiliate group. In his neighborhood, Charlie serves on three committees being a co-lead on the Golden Triangle Creative District Improvement committee. Charlie retired from the Downtown Denver Partnership in 2018 where he worked in operations for the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District and the 14th St. General Improvement. In that role he was the subject matter expert for growing trees in a downtown urban setting and called the “wizard of watts” in working with 16th St. Mall vendors to ensure that their electrical needs could be met.

Sheila Mahony is the Vice President, and joined the board in 2018. She is a Colorado native and studied at CU Boulder, and later earned a Master’s in International Development from American University in Washington, DC. Sheila was a Youth Development volunteer in Ecuador from 2001-2004. Her favorite activities there were the early–evening groups for teens that she facilitated in her community in the Loja barrios. She now works at Florence Crittenton Services, a non-profit organization that serves teen families in the Denver metro area.




Nancy Cole is the Secretary of the RPCVs of Colorado. Following a career in clinical and educational social work, she served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Vanuatu in the South Pacific from 2006-2008 with her husband, Charlie Hunt. As a Health Extensionist, she worked with the ten villages on her island to facilitate health education and planning, renovate a health clinic, and construct a maternity clinic. As a fundamentally urban person, she now finds joy in living in the civic and cultural heart of Denver where she served as the administrator of the Golden Triangle Association. She is currently continuing her passion as a potter.


Natalie Rooks became Treasurer in 2017. She served in Moldova from 2010-2012 as a Community and Organizational Development Volunteer. Looking back, her favorite memories are working with high school youth on a sanitation project and anti-trafficking efforts. She also loved learning to make wine with locals and running through the sunflower fields. Natalie currently works as a Grants Management Specialist supporting health equity projects and resident-driven community development at The Colorado Trust.




Lauren Dorosz is the new Outreach Coordinator board member. The position was created to engage and support RPCV's who do not live in the front range/Denver area. Lauren is both an Army/Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran as well as an RPCV (Ecuador, Youth Development 2008-2010). After Peace Corps, Lauren was one of the Colorado based recruiters until the five year rule pushed her out. Lauren is now volunteering for a job that Peace Corps used to pay her to do! Lauren used her PC staff NCE eligibility and landed a great job with the Forest Service in Golden, Colorado.



Samantha Ginsburg is the Service Project Chair, joining the team as of June 2016. Samantha served as a Youth Development volunteer in Zagora, Morocco from 2012 to 2014. During her time in the desert, she worked with youth of all ages, and especially enjoyed the carnivals put together in collaboration with the youth leaders. After COS, she joined the HealthCorps team with a community health center in the Aurora area, and now works there as a clinical care coordinator.




Randy Monson has been the Membership Chair since 2008 and liaises with the Fort Collins RPCV community. He served as a TEFL teacher in Cote d’Ivoire from 1978-1980 where his lesson plans included improvised conversations between Bob Marley and Mohammed Ali. He still cultivates an extensive African music collection, though no longer dances to disco. Currently, Randy is CFO of Envirofit International, a social enterprise leading the development and distribution of clean cookstoves.




Suzanne Smith serves as the Advocacy Chair, starting in this role in May 2012. She head up many of the advocacy efforts for the RPCVs of Colorado, including organizing meetings with elected officials and encouraging members of the Peace Corps community to advocate on behalf of the Peace Corps program. Suzanne served as a Health Extension Volunteer in Mongolia from 2005 to 2007, where she enjoyed the cold winters but was always grateful for the warm summers. Suzanne now works for a Denver-based nonprofit that supports Community Health Centers.



Niza Volar joined the board in 2018 as the Social Events Chair. Niza served in Ukraine from 2010-2012 as an Education Volunteer, where the days were filled with energetic little humans, an array of farm animals, wise babushkas with beautiful smiles, and just a few bowls of borscht. Nowadays, Niza spends time in the park with two tuxedo-colored cat companions and works in software development in downtown Denver.