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Action Teams

Volunteer to help the RPCVs of Colorado

The  RPCVs of Colorado is a volunteer-run organization led by our Board of Directors and our wonderful action teams (listed below). If you would be interested in volunteering to help one of our action teams, please  contact us.


Community activities around Colorado

Help plan events and create a RPCV community group where you live in Colorado.


Projects and Events Action Committee (PEACe)

We're looking for individuals who love to organize events and get involved in the details of making our service projects and events happen.


Welcome Wagon Committee

Helps Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) get to know other local RPCVs and learn about ways they can get involved with the Colorado RPCV community. We work to connect newly returned volunteers with fellow RPCVs. Participating in the Welcome Wagon Committee is a great way to support your RPCV community without a major time commitment. Committee members can:

  • Help plan the Welcome Dinners
  • Attend the Dinner and contribute a dish or beverage
  • Help the Committee Chair stay current on recently returned volunteers’ interests and needs in Colorado

Committee members are more than welcome to host a dinner at their home, if they wish—but this is not a requirement.