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We Are The World: Adding Diversity To Global Diplomatic Organizations

Hello ,  


I am the STEM Coordinator at Northglenn High School.  An important part of our educational design at Northglenn is that all students are presented with an authentic problem to solve, then they present their solutions to a panel of experts.   We would love to partner with you and see this PBL (Problem Based Learning) as a great opportunity to do so.  Our  World History students are researching possible solutions to increase the diversity in global diplomatic organizations.    We hope to have you join us in providing your expert advice to our students after listening to their unique solutions.   


Date: Thursday, 4/28/2022

Session 1 (7:45-11:34 am) (21 experts needed)


Session 2 (12:39-3:30 pm) - (16 experts needed)


Location: Northglenn High School - STEM Wing


Topic: We are the world.  Adding diversity to global diplomatic organizations.


Problem:Private and governmental organizations working towards diplomatic global solutions need to increase diversity in their or

organizations in order to have better relationships with global partners.


Would you or any of your colleagues be available to help judge these presentations? 


Thank you in advance for your consideration! 



Eric Hotz

STEM Coordinator - Northglenn High School

601 W 100th Place

Northglenn CO  80260


 April 07, 2022