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UKRAINE: Call for RPCVCO Assistance and Support

Dear RPCVs of Colorado Colleagues,

I am writing to you in response to the ongoing war in Ukraine, hoping to help coordinate the efforts of RPCVs in our state to provide assistance and relief in the face of this affront to humanity.
I am especially reaching out to those of us who served in Ukraine. We’ve identified 25 of us so far from the RPCVCO membership list but there are probably more out there.
I have personally been working with an organization called Ukrainians of Colorado, in addition to several initiatives of my own. I am a first generation Ukrainian American who was raised bi-culturally, so I have a fairly large network of family and friends in Ukraine.
Would anyone be interested in starting a sub group of RPCVCO, possibly as a Facebook page? Ukraine needs as much help as she can get right now, and the sooner the better. I don’t see this group as being limited to only those of us who served in Ukraine, but rather open to any RPCVs who want to help with support and relief efforts.
Would anyone be interested in setting up such a group? I could really use the help. I’m getting at least 50 emails, phone calls and texts a day from my work with the U of C group but if you put Ukraine RPCVCO in the subject of any email to me I will pick it out and jump on it.
Thank you in advance for your support of Ukraine!

Andy Lenec
Ukraine 2017-18

 March 24, 2022