RPCVCO Funds Early Childhood Education Program in Burkina Faso

Thanks to the generous donations and support from you, our members, we have been able to fund a Peace Corps Partnership this summer!

By providing the local community library with a set of one hundred age-appropriate picture books (primarily in French but also in local languages) and basic preschool materials, this project aims to provide young children with improved learning opportunities to develop their reading and critical thinking skills before entering the formal school system.

Additionally, this will be accompanied by a workshop for the schools' teachers, strengthening their capacity so that they can successfully and creatively teach literacy and school-readiness skills to preschool and early elementary students. A second training will be organized for motivated parents and high school students, specifically those interested in pursuing a career as a teacher or volunteering at the community library, in order to develop leadership and mentoring skills to be implemented while working in small groups with young students. The community will be providing a significant proportion of the resources necessary for this project (25%).

We completely funded this project with a $1790 donation!