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Youth to Attend Leadership Conference in Ukraine

We donated summer camp registrations in the amount of $310 for five youths to attend the Poltava Youth Leadership Conference in Ukraine.  Funding for this project was requested by Lauren Hosp, a PCV from Colorado currently serving in the Ukraine. This camp promotes leadership, active citizenry, and project design and management skills in Ukraine. This is the third annual Poltava Youth Leadership Conference (PYLC).

The Youth Leadership Conference (PYLC) is designed to empower and motivate future youth leaders to take an active role in their community. The PYLC will provide the student participants with the necessary skills to address issues of concern in their communities. The PYLC curriculum focuses on four key topics: Project Design and Management, Leadership Skills, Active Citizenship/Volunteerism and Teamwork. During the conference, student attendees will participate in a service project where they will work as a volunteer, and collaborate as a team. Student attendees will also design their own small community project to complete in their communities.

The PYLC is a joint venture of three local community organizations and Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs): University of Law and Economics, the Oblast Rada (regional government), and several volunteering sites. Each of the groups is actively contributing resources during the planning stages and has expressed interest in the conference’s continuing success. Community contributions include: access to local contacts and network to secure guest speakers and lodging for all conference participants; conference organization and planning, and trainer procurement, marketing and media coverage; curriculum planning, student attendee recruitment, as well as, providing conference venue and all necessary equipment; in-city transportation and official endorsement of the project. The Partnership grant will be used to cover meals, materials and housing for all participants. The Oblast PCVs hope to leave this conference as a legacy to our adopted Ukrainian communities.

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